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The market share of lithium battery occupation in the global high-end is less
According to statistics, the lithium battery industry in China in 2010 sales revenue of more than 263 billion yuan , the output of chemical batteries is more than 35 billion , the export volume is over 24.5 billion , with exports of $ 8.1 billion. The  output of  solar cells is more than 8000MW and the  exports  volume  is 7500MW ,with exports of  over 20 billion U.S. dollars .

       Experts suggest that the Chinese battery enterprises should strengthen technological innovation , and strive to improve the quality of the lithium-ion battery products , improve product consistency , improve the capacity of the battery power system integrated development . China Li-ion battery breakthrough in the field of battery power available , such as the field of electric bicycles, Electric City , home electric vehicles . In addition, efforts should be made to expand the market share of the notebook and the field of power tools products .